Getting Started

To start using Lableb, you should sign up to have an account on the a dashboard.
After you sign up, we start work together to configure your account and provide your website with a powerful search.
  1. We'll start by naming your platform/project. This name will be used inside the APIs.
  2. After that, you should choose your platform type. This step builds to configure your search engine without having any knowledge of it. Only select the type that suitable for your website domain and we will give the best configuration that suitable to your website as schema and ranking algorithms.
    Please note the next steps (3&4) are already done from our side when you choose your platform type, and you can avoid edit them now and move to implement the APIs. You can edit the schema and filters at any time in the dashboard.
  3. Next, you will start to configure your Schema, here you can format your data inside the Lableb index in an optimal way.
  4. Finally, you can configure your filters that appear to users like price, color, categories, date, and brand. These filters will filter the search results and tuned them as the user searches.
To start adding Lableb on your website, you will need to implement 4 endpoints:
  1. Index data (Send data) endpoint: this process requires to send your search data to Lableb. Only we need the fields that your end-user are searching for.
  2. Search endpoint: helps users get search results.
  3. Autocomplete endpoint: helps users get right results when they are typing on search bar.
  4. Recommender endpoint: helps to give users the related products/documents when they check one of your product/document.

Our base URL in all APIs:

Base URL http://api-bahuth.lableb.com/


Please note there is Feedback endpoint that helps you to get insights in our dashboard and we have for each endpoint an feedback API that you should send.