In order to use Lableb APIs and to authenticate your requests, you need 2 tokens, one for search, and one for indexing.
You should provide a token querystring parameter in your request urls.
For Search, Autocomplete, Recommendations and Feedbacks, use Search token.
For Indexing and Deleting documents, use Indexing token.
For example: ?token=qxDFI791xxxx-8wmxIBIONYiEK44PGnxxxxxx
To generate needed tokens:
  1. Go to Lableb Cloud Search Dashboard.
  2. Click on your project.
  3. Navigate to API Keys section.
  4. Click on New Key button.
  5. Generate search token:
    1. Type a name for your token, for example search-token
    2. Check Search checkbox.
    3. Click Generate button.
  6. Generate indexing token the same way, but check Indexing checkbox instead of Search checkbox.


You can check both Search and Indexing checkboxes to use the same token for indexing and search.