Built in, Search, Autocomplete, Recommend components for your React application.
We provide you the power of instantly integrating with Lableb with few lines of code using these React components.
You will have:
  1. The Easiest way to integrate Lableb's search power with <LablebSearch/> component, with various important options that better suits your use cases
  2. Rendering your Search results anywhere you like with <LablebResults /> component, where it instantly get updated when your user's hits the Search component.
  3. Having the suitable Recommendation for any document/article/product/...etc you have with ready to use <LablebRecommend /> component.
  4. Easily Filter your big data with <LablebFilters /> Component that empower user search experience and update filters automatically depending on user's search results.
  5. Out of the box, automatic search results feedback(for search, autocomplete, and recommend). It can empower your bushiness when you track your users interaction with search results.(you can analyse these feedbacks at Lableb's Dashboard)