About Us

    • Why did we start the Lableb project and where are we now?

When we search online, our goal is not just to get links. The best results are the answers to the question that was in the mind of the user when he started the search, without having to navigate between the links and search inside to find his answer.
As you know, the search experience in the Arab web has long been disappointing, and perhaps because of the nature and quality of Arabic content, research development has been slower and less than hoped for over the past years.

    • So we started this trip! ..

Lableb is a search engine that handles Arabic content on the Internet, to help the Arab user to reach his goals directly. Allows to embed the user except for pages with certain topics of search results. It also provides access to some information as direct and immediate answers without pressing any link.

    • Indexing, archiving, classification

Lableb crawlers index the entire Arab web using special indexing tools, and no pages are excluded in Arabic. Then, it adds a smart processing that is designed to filter the results and rearrange them to achieve a better user experience and thus reach the “purpose of the search” quickly. Lableb focuses on artificial intelligence techniques and machine learning to improve automated understanding of the Arabic language, thus improving the quality of results for the Arab user in the long term.

    • This is the beginning of the march

We know that we are at the beginning of a long journey with challenges, but we believe we can help Arab users better use the Arabic Web and contribute to the growth of the Internet in Arabic in general. In addition, we are working to strengthen the ability of institutions and companies to reach the Arab public. We are still in the beta launch phase, and the search results will be almost instantaneous. In addition, we will learn from users’ queries, which will also improve results.

    • who are we?

Lableb is a project from Labeeb labs in the UAE. You can contact us here

Lableb the Arabic Search Engine trusts in its technology and the capabilities of its crawlers.... Lableb filters the results and re-arrange them to better enhance the search experience of its users, especially the speed in which they find the results

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