Support Your Software With Arabic Search That Actually Gets It

Governments & Enterprises

Classify and organise millions of documents and data records


Personalise your customers’ shopping experience and index the product Arabic details the right way

Media & Blogs

Attract loyal readers and enhance their in-site experience

ابحث بالعربية


Custom Search

Surface the content that is most relevant to your users, based on your own criteria

Out of the box


Guide users to the content or answers that matter most with real-time results right as they type

Did you mean ``Spell correction?``

Spell Korrection

Spell correction (Did you mean?) is automatically triggered when a searches for misspelled words


Filters, Snippet & Highlighting

Let your users sort and filter through the search results following a set of tags derived from your own content

Real time

Search Analytics

Real-time, actionable insights about your users’ search habits and activity

Hosted & scalable

Faster Instant Search

From small projects to millions of documents. Fast, hosted and scalable search is our core focus


Privacy & Security

Full encryption and highest industry standards in security, data privacy and data protection



Lableb processes Arabic and English data by default. More language are supported based on your needs

A Complete In-site Search Experience

Lableb Custom Search supports indexing Arabic content and data in addition to out-of-the-box support of English language. Delivering wide variety of features such as: auto-complete, spell-correction, filters, snippets, highlighting, search analytics and more.

Tailored Custom Search


Spell Correction

Security & Privacy

Filters, Snippet & Highlighting

Real Time Analytics

Fast & Instant Search


Advanced Programmable Interface

Lableb Search API

Integrate Lableb Search with your software or application using the fully documented API with various features that are built with highest standards and a deep understanding of the Arabic language.

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Lableb the Arabic Search Engine trusts in its technology and the capabilities of its crawlers.... Lableb filters the results and re-arrange them to better enhance the search experience of its users, especially the speed in which they find the results

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